Catching Up

Back after an accidental break, and rocking a new season, Chris and Mandie talk more about hard rootbeer, awesome summer beer festivals, homebrewing, and just how damn busy they both are.

Show Notes

Refined Fool Illiterate Librarians Grapefruit IPA —

Dusty Boots Hard Rootbeer —

Mill St Hard Rootbeer —

Session Toronto —

Ben Johnson on whiteness in the beer scene —

Beaches BBQ and Brews Fest —

Leslieville Flea —

Leslieville Farmer’s Market —

Sawdust City Funk Fest —

Short Finger Homebrewing —

Bellwoods Jelly King —

Sawdust City The Mountie —

Griffin Gastropub —

Toronto Festival of Beer —

The Only Summer Beer Fest —

Left Field Prospect Mosaic —

Chris’ Homebrewing Stuff —

People’s Pint —

Barn Owl Malt —

Sandbanks (Just G0) —

Sight Glass Videos —