Things To Put Beer In — Season 2 Episode 11

Today, Chris and Mandie talk about all the stuff they’ve been up to, both drink beer with Sorachi Ace hops (just realized that), their mutual love for The Strumbellas, and lots about good glassware for beer.

Show Notes

Parking Rules —

The Pantry Cheese —

School House Booze  —

The Worst Idea Of All Time —

Amsterdam Cruiser All Day Pale Ale —

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace —

Wrigley Field —

Wrigley The Dog —

Wrigley The Beer —

NY Times Review of Hope by The Strumbellas —

Spirits by The Strumbellas (shot in The Church of St Aidan in the Beach)

Spiegelau Craft Beer Glass —–24

Other Spiegelau Glasses —

Ben Johnson on Spiegelau Glasses —

Chris’ Pewter Mug —

Hobbits Drinking Pints

Rastal Teku Glass —

Sam Adams Utopias —

Sam Adams Utopias Glass —