Root root root for the…. — Season 2 Episode 13

Summer is clearly upon us as there are dogs barking, awards to discuss, home brewing, is root beer the next big thing, RTDs, and heaps of events.

Show Notes

Wrigley Oat Pale Ale

Collective Arts Ransack The Universe

Canadian Brewing Awards results

Nickel Brook

Canadian Brewery of the Year Side Launch

Escarpment Labs

Pekko Hops


Short Finger Brewing

Not Your Father’s Rootbeer

Mill Street Rootbeer

Jordan St John

GTA Brews Homebrew Club

Georgian Bay Gin Smash!our-products/cpax

Christine Sismondo on Gin Smash (and rootbeer too)

Leslieville Flea

Leslieville Farmer’s Market

Beach BBQ and Brews Fest

OCB Week

Craft Beer Cruise (this past Saturday now, we record a bit in advance)

Session Toronto

Castro’s Lounge