Baseball and the Biggest Brewer in the World – Season 2 Episode 1

Getting back into the swing of things (see what I did there?), Chris and Mandie talk a lot about baseball, voting, the Mill St buyout, ABI in general, the differing values of success, festivals coming up, and a bit more baseball. Check it out!

Show Notes

It was a big game —

Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista
Edwin Encarnacion
Edwin Encarnacion

Mill St Sold —

Gary McMullen on ISBs

Gary McMullen on Mill St and ISBs

ABI anti-trust and SABmiller buyout from, not —

Cask Days —

Only Cafe Fall Festival of Craftbeer —

Chris got it wrong, two Blue Jays sweeps would take 7, not 8 games.


Q’s A’s and a Brand New Beer — Episode 8

In today’s episode, Mandie and Chris talk about what’s happening for both of them, home brewing, the best parts of running a brewery, more on sexism in brewing, their first IPAs (sort of), the LCBO growler fills, and Left Field’s NEW SEASONAL BEER! This is also the last episode of season one. We’re taking a little break, and will be back with an episode for Toronto Beer Week.

Show Notes

Left Field Tanks —,,
GTA Brews on Facebook —
Wyeast 3711 French Saison — apparently it’s Upright Brewing’s house yeast strain.
More on sexism in brewing —
Chris on Cask Ale —
Ben Johnson on LCBO Growlers —
Grandstand Hoppy Wheat Beer from Left Field —
Toronto Beer Week —

Sexsim Isn’t Sexy — Episode 7

In today’s episode, Chris and Mandie talk about recent festivals, another great podcast, a crazy 1990s vintage beer tasting neither of them could legally attend, a list of the 20 best beers in the world, entitlement in the craft beer scene, lots and lots on sexism, both in the world and in the Toronto scene, and their upcoming plans.

Show Notes

Altbeir is from Düsseldorf, this is Beau’s take on it —

Session Muskoka Photoboth Pics —

The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast —

1990s Beer Dinner Menu —

Ratebeer’s 20 Best Beers —

Entitlement —

Sexism In Beer —

Beau’s Oktoberfest —

Toronto Beer Week —

Ontario’s Provincial Parks —

5 Ontario Road Trips From Toronto—

The Grumpy Episode — Episode 6

We’re grumpy today, but we work through it. Talking depression, weddings, drunken poor behaviour, Toronto’s Festival of Beer (times like a billion), bros, and upcoming fun and excitement.

Show Notes

Black Bridge Brewery

Chris was being naughty

Kind of like leopard spots
Kind of like leopard spots

Canadian Security Professionals, they protect @leftfieldwrigley’s second home, and they can protect yours!

Toronto’s Festival of Beer

Not local.....
Not local…..

Shock-Top Leaked Marketing

Prospect Single-hop IPA, drink like a Mayor (no, not that one) —

Any beer offered in friendship is a good beer

Chris Schryer Photo by T. Langendoen
Photo by T. Langendoen

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival — August 8-9 —

The Only Cafe Summer Festival — August 7-8 — No link yet. Not hard to find though. Follow the sound of fun from Donlands station.

Session Muskoka — August 1 —

Bracebridge Lion’s Club

Keep It Down — Episode 5

In today’s (quiet) episode, Chris and Mandie get caught up, talk about Muddy York (they’re noisy), Aggregate beer rating sites and using Untappd, their average scores of their favourite IPAs from last episode, all that noise about Left Field, raising kids around beer, and some of what they’ve got going on. Now quiet down over there.

Show Notes

Muddy York, the pride of East York

Beer Advocate or Rate Beer? You choose

Untappd — Chris only has 223 friends on Untappd. He’s probably met 40 of them, tops

Favourite IPA Scores

Chris’ Top 3 IPAs:

Mandie’s Top 4 (?!) IPAs

Average of both scores: 92.4

The reddit thread on the Left Field fiaso. The good news is, reading reddit is rather quiet –

UK drinking rule for 16/17s –

Session Muskoka

Toronto Festival of Beer


Hop Intervention — Episode 4

Chris and Mandie get all caught up, talk more Wrigley, then get into the hops. Are we getting desensitized? What are our favourite IPAs? Then talk some summer time events. Good times had by all!

Show Notes

Amsterdam Sweetwater Squeeze –

Wrigley is @LeftfieldWrigley and he is totes adorbs.

Hops Overdose? –

CBC has a time machine! –

Chris’ Top 3 IPAs:

Mandie’s Top 4 (?!) IPAs

Prospect Simcoe Single-hop IPA – (Simcoe isn’t listed yet)

Brewer’s Backyard –

Session Muskoka –

OCB Week Extravaganza — Episode 3

In today’s extra-long show in honour of OCB Week (or just becasue we like talking to each other), Chris and Mandie get all caught-up and talk about their respective trips; Mandie geeks out on baseball and Chris gets personal about pens; they talk about what they’re drinking, what they’re loving and the CBAs; *gasp* cloudy beer, “Ontario Pale Ale”, and poor craftsmanship, aka “The Gossip Circle”, OCB Week and their plans, our FIRST CONTEST, and catching up with @LeftfieldWrigley.

Show Notes

TorontoBeerPodcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Tunein.

Chris’ trip to Ontario’s Southwest

Canadian Brewing Awards results

Stephen Beaumont On Cloudy Beer

Old Man Johnson on “The Ontario Pale Ale”

St John The Benevolent on Poor Craftsmanship

OCB Week

Beer Dinner at The Skydome (gfy Rogers)


The Challenging Sophomore Album — Episode 2

Chris is sick, but we forged ahead anyway. Getting all caught up on stuff from the last episode, Chris and Mandie give the (now usual) nod to their friend Mark Zuckerberg, then get into it. Beer sales, growlers, how and why Chris hates social responsibility, why you should clean up your empties and gross stuff that has been found in bottles, what is “craft”, the Molson Indy is the Molson Indy again, more beer sales, and finally the Left Field road trip to buffalo this weekend, and Chris’ trip to Ontario’s Southwest.

Show Content

We be legit: @TOBeerPodcast Twitter/Instagram & Facebook

Block 3 Sugar Bush, yeah there’s maple syrup —

Wiki truth. Date formats —

Craft-specific LCBOs —

The Blue Moon debacle —

Molson Indy again —

Ontario’s Southwest has a website, and Chris is writing a post for it —

By Way of Introduction — Episode 1

In today’s show, Chris and Mandie introduce themselves, talk about Mark Zuckerberg, Chris’ Californian beer tasting at Castro’s Lounge and Mandie’s trip to California, Mark and Mandie’s yet-to-be-picked Basset hound Wrigley and the terrors of hound-ownership, brewery pets, summer plans. Things get political then Chris gets giddy for numbers.

Show Content

Chris/ —

Mandie Murphy/Left Field —

Cali Beer Tasting —

Wrigley’s Instagram Account —

Beach BBQ and Brews Fest —

Session Toronto —

Beau’s Oktoberfest (not active yet) —

Toronto Craft Beer Capitol of the World? —

This is why we can’t have nice things —