Things To Put Beer In — Season 2 Episode 11

Today, Chris and Mandie talk about all the stuff they’ve been up to, both drink beer with Sorachi Ace hops (just realized that), their mutual love for The Strumbellas, and lots about good glassware for beer.

Show Notes

Parking Rules —

The Pantry Cheese —

School House Booze  —

The Worst Idea Of All Time —

Amsterdam Cruiser All Day Pale Ale —

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace —

Wrigley Field —

Wrigley The Dog —

Wrigley The Beer —

NY Times Review of Hope by The Strumbellas —

Spirits by The Strumbellas (shot in The Church of St Aidan in the Beach)

Spiegelau Craft Beer Glass —–24

Other Spiegelau Glasses —

Ben Johnson on Spiegelau Glasses —

Chris’ Pewter Mug —

Hobbits Drinking Pints

Rastal Teku Glass —

Sam Adams Utopias —

Sam Adams Utopias Glass —


The Friendly Talkative Episode — Season 2 Episode 10

Today Mandie and Chris are extra friendly and talkative. Covering home brewing, dog brewing, guerrilla gardening and new beers.

Show Notes

Left Field Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale —

Amsterdam Home Grown Saison —

Chris’ non-club home brewing club, Crooked Bullseye —

Wrigley —

Wrigley’s Dog Biscuits —

Wrigley’s beer, “Wrigley” an oatmeal pale ale —

Scarborough Butterfly Trail —

Hop Rhizomes (in case you need some…) — or

Leslieville Farmer’s Market —

Brewmance —

Pippin’s Tea Shop —

Left Field Galaxy Prospect Single Hop —

Left Field Sunlight Park Saison actually is already out (yes, these things are recorded a few days in advance; the Home Opener is THIS Friday, too) —


The Old School New School Way — Season 2 Episode 9

In today’s episode, Mandie and Chris talk about their respective holidays, what they’re drinking, and why they’re sick of people saying Canada lags behind the USA in craft brewing.

Show Notes

La Diable Brewpub —

Tooth and Nail SG video —

Tooth and Nail Stamina —

Amsterdam Starke Pils —

Brewnorth —

Toronto Brewing —

Total Wine —

Thrillist on craft beer citites about to blow up —

The Grover —

Brewer’s Backyard —

Contractually Obligated — Season 2 Episode 8

Chris and Mandie do a string of non-sponsored advertisements, just because they like things so darn much. Talk about events, freeloaders and actually nice people with charitable requests, then lots on issues contract brewers face.

Show Notes

Back Blaze — protect yo sef

Left Field Sweet Jesus —

Left Field Hibiscus Sour Ale —

Great Lakes Lake Effect IPA —

BJCP Style Guidelines —

Neal Brothers Chips —

CPM is actually “cents per mille” or “cost per mille”, and it’s how much a podcast gets paid for every thousand listens.

Left Field is not the only brewery to have been fully contract and moved to fully bricks and mortar brewery. Sawdust City did, as did Collective Arts, and Bell City, and Arch is nearly ready to open, just waiting on some final approvals (brewery is built and ready to brew) Late Breaking: Arch is opening later this week —

District This — Season 2 Episode 7

Featuring our first guest (sort of), big American beers and American stuff, Paddy’s patio woes, The Toronto Brewery District, and upcoming stuff.

Show Notes

Heady Topper —

Habanero Sculpin —

First Guest Erika Schryer — Chris’ wife

Premiere Gourmet —

Community Beer Works —

Ceili Cottage Yurt Drama —

Toronto Brewery District

CBC Metro Morning Bit –

El Toro —

The Whisky Trail —

New Brewery Stuff For Sale —

Burlington Beer Fest —

The Only Cafe Winter Beer Fest —

Roundhouse Craftbeer Festival —

Left Field Events —

Sight Glass Videos —

Naples Breweries:

Pointing and Pinter — Season 2 Episode 6

Today Chris and Mandie are trying not to point fingers, and pausing like Pinter wrote the script. Talking babies, how they spent their holidays, best of 2015, and their good and bad predictions for 2016.

Show Notes

Ben’s first polar bear dip

Nickel Brook Uber Berlinerweisse —


Cheshire Valley Mildly Amusing —

Burlington Beer Fest —

The Only Cafe Winter Beer Fest —

Roundhouse Craftbeer Festival —

Left Field Events —

The Christmas Extravaganza — Season 2 Episode 5

CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA, talking beards, Bim, bbbbbbbgrocery store sales, and all sorts of Christmas traditions.

Show Notes

Clifford Porter —

6-4-3 IIPA —

Burlington Beer Festival —

Roundhouse Craftbeer Festival —

Luc “Bim” Lafontane is opening a brewery at Queen and Coxwell —

Mary-Margaret McMahon is just awesome —

Beer is in grocery stores. Just Google it, there’s hundreds of articles…..

Seaspray Chinese Canadian Food —

Garden Gate “The Goof” —

Red Door Shelter —

A Child’s Christmas in Wales is definitely by Dylan Thomas, as he’s Welsh. Watch it now!

Home Alone now


Peace on Earth

The Musical Episode — Season 2 Episode 4

Now containing 13% more musical references. Chris has a jazz voice and a minor nipple injury; we talk seasonal beers; the 4 top 3 bars Chris needs to visit; Sight Glass Videos; stupid Alberta; stupid The Beer Store; and Christmas excitement (stuffing! baking! beer festivals!).

Show Notes

Bricks + Mortar Coffee Porter –

Chris’ 4 item list of 3 places he wants to visit:

Sight Glass Videos —

Muskoka pulling their beers from Alberta —

Ben’s wonderful take on the Beer Store board of directors —

Star Wars snowflakes —

Burlington Winter Beer Fest —

Roundhouse Winter Craftbeer Fest —

The Cozy Episode — Season 2 Episode 3

In today’s episode, Mandie and Chris discuss the weather (seriously); new beers they’re digging (and one very old one); traveling; Ballast Point being bought by Constellation; how Left Field develops recepies, how they prioritize business decisions, and advice to aspiring brewers; and Christmas!

Show Notes

Resin Bag IPA is back! —

Rainhard Brewing —

Folly Brewpub —

Constellation buys Ballast Point —

William Street Brewhouse for sale —

Chris’ Beery Christmas —

Forever In Blue Jeans — Season 2 Episode 2

Chris and Mandie get all caught up on Cask Days and fried chicken; Chris is not a go-getter; Halloween exploits; we love the Blue Jays; home brewing and the “Kuerig of home brewing”; Chris possibly mixes the worst metaphors in podcast history; Alberta has seriously turned inter-provincial beers sales on their ear through taxation, and Mandie thinks it might be from lobbying by the big guys, and Chris agrees; dig Ryan Morrow and Sam Corbeil’s birthday beer 1105; the podcast is officially powered by Bullfrog Power, and Chris gets digital advertising backwards; Mandie is going on vacation, and Chris is not. Get it in your ear holes!

Show Notes

Brando’s Fried Chicken —

Brewmance Videos —

Pico Brew —

Didn’t think to mention it on the podcast, but if you are interested in learning more about home brewing, check out Southern Ontario Brewer’s Learn 2 Brew this Saturday —

Alberta Tax Fiasco:

National Coverage —

“The Good” —

“The Bad” —

Money Talks:

Sam and Ryan’s birthday beer — Oops, 1105 (as it’s called) was released last night at Bar Hop on King, it should be on through the weekend, so get some into you and toast Sam and Ryan!

Bullfrog Power —