Forever In Blue Jeans — Season 2 Episode 2

Chris and Mandie get all caught up on Cask Days and fried chicken; Chris is not a go-getter; Halloween exploits; we love the Blue Jays; home brewing and the “Kuerig of home brewing”; Chris possibly mixes the worst metaphors in podcast history; Alberta has seriously turned inter-provincial beers sales on their ear through taxation, and Mandie thinks it might be from lobbying by the big guys, and Chris agrees; dig Ryan Morrow and Sam Corbeil’s birthday beer 1105; the podcast is officially powered by Bullfrog Power, and Chris gets digital advertising backwards; Mandie is going on vacation, and Chris is not. Get it in your ear holes!

Show Notes

Brando’s Fried Chicken —

Brewmance Videos —

Pico Brew —

Didn’t think to mention it on the podcast, but if you are interested in learning more about home brewing, check out Southern Ontario Brewer’s Learn 2 Brew this Saturday —

Alberta Tax Fiasco:

National Coverage —

“The Good” —

“The Bad” —

Money Talks:

Sam and Ryan’s birthday beer — Oops, 1105 (as it’s called) was released last night at Bar Hop on King, it should be on through the weekend, so get some into you and toast Sam and Ryan!

Bullfrog Power —